Fire, Safety & Rescue Division

Chemical Protection Clothing


Gas Tight Chemical Protection Suits:
• One-piece complete chemical/fire brigade protection suit (CPS) with permanently integrated visor for unlimited use by fire brigades.
• The chemical protection suits are tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 943 Part 1 and DIN EN 943 Part 2 (emergency teams (ET), for unrestricted use in fire brigades) – according to Directive 89/686/EEC.
• Type 1a: Gas-tight chemical protection suit with breathing air supply worn inside the suit, for example compressed air equipment.
• All popular firefighter helmets and industrial hard hats can be worn under the suit.
Standard equipment
• A permanently installed, transparent non-fogging visor with additional PTFE foil window. The window provides protection from all reference chemicals to DIN EN 943 Part 2 (ET).
• Five-finger exchangeable chemical protection gloves with exchange system are fitted (standard: size 10). Inner or overgloves are not generally required.
• Safety boots, certified to DIN EN 15090, DIN EN ISO 20345 and DIN EN 13832-3 are exchangeable (replacement system).
• Some CPS suit models are equipped with Actifort Heavy Duty safety boots to DIN EN 344 and DIN EN 345. These boots are resistant against chemicals such as oils and grease.
• The protection suits can optionally be fitted with footlets made from suit material. In combination with suitable safety boots, as described.
• The suit features braces attached to the crotch. They can be adjusted to the wearer's size to distribute the suit's weight evenly across the shoulders.
•The suit incorporates a radio pocket.
• The 130 cm long, gas- and liquid-tight zip is fitted on the right side Protected with a labyrinth cover and closes from bottom to top.
• The suit features two safety (exhalation) valves with an additional splash cover made from suit fabric.
• All CPS of this series are prepared for later installation of an external forced ventilation system
• The suit is supplied in a black, tear-resistant storage bag for flat storage.