Underwater Diving Equipments

Underwater Diving Equipments

JYOTECH is today proudly positioned as one of India’s leading supplier of DIVING EQUIPMENT – be it SCUBA DIVING, COMMERCIAL DIVING, RESCUE DIVING or MILLITARY DIVING Applications. Our range of equipment includes:

SCUBA GEAR: Masks, Snorkels, Regulators & Octopus units, BCDs, Tanks, Gages & Consoles, Computers, Fins, Torches, Knives, Buoys, Wets Suits & Shorties, Neoprene Accessories and so on. We supply some of the leading brands of the world backed by after sales service support. Many Dive Centres, Tourism Departments, Fisheries units etc are using our equipment. We have also launched FULL FACE MASKs for SCUBA DIVING as well as SNORKELING.

COMMERCIAL DIVING: We supply a wide range of DIVER FULL FACE MASKS (equipped with advanced features and options), UNDER WATER COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, SURFACE DEMAND DIVING EQUIPMENT, UNDER WATER CAMERAS etc. to various commercial diving establishments in India.

RESCUE DIVING: Most of the disaster response teams in India are now being equipped with RESCUE DIVING GEAR which includes Under Water BA Sets (with Full Face Mask), Dive Suit (with Accessories) and Under Water Communication Systems. Our range now covers Under Water Search Cameras as well. We are one of the largest supplier of such equipment to NDRF forces, State Fire Service, Disaster Response and Disaster Mitigation Water Rescue Dive Teams in India.

MILLITARY DIVING: We supply BASCCA Sets (single and twin cylinder), COMMUNICATION EQUIOMENT, SURFACE DEMAND DIVING EQUIPMENT and various DIVE ACCESSORIES to Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and Indian Army Para Command Units and Shipbuilding companies in India. Our range also includes CLOSED CIRCUIT REBREATHERS as well as DIVER PROPULSION VEHICLES (DPVs).

DIVE COMPRESSORS as well as NITROX COMPRESSORS (detailed on our range of BA COMPRESSORS) compliment our DIVING GEAR range.”

We are geared to cater to the demand from various industries for a wide range of Diving Equipment, backed by our prompt after sales service support.